Get Quick Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird Migration

Windows Live Mail is a freeware email client which is associated with Windows 7 Operating System. You can view emails and calendars while you are offline. This Windows Live Mail email client supports to set up several accounts and keeping your all email accounts at one place and it supports web – based email accounts including Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail etc. It has the ability to create separate Inbox folder for POP messages and to synchronize Windows Live contacts. It saves emails with .eml file extension.

Mozilla Thunderbird is a cross – platform, chat and news email client to manage emails which is developed by Mozilla Group. Thunderbird is an open source email client that means anyone can download and use the program. The Thunderbird email client stores emails in mailbox as MBOX format. All emails in Thunderbird are stored as plain text in each file. The message in Thunderbird starts with a separation line and terminates with an empty line.

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How to Transfer Outlook Express to Outlook 2013 on New Computer

Outlook Express is different application from MS Outlook. The two programs don’t share common code, but share common philosophy. The Outlook Express is not a stripped down variant of MS Outlook as its name shows. It stored email messages with .dbx file extension, each file contains all of the messages in a separate folder, such as Inbox.dbx. It can filter incoming messages. Its messages can’t be stored on server because it is designed for single computer.

Outlook is Microsoft’s email client, it is the single application which is integrated in Microsoft Office and Exchange Server. It provides full integration of emails, contacts, calendar makes perfect email client for many organization employees. It helps users to communicate with others and to share information. It also offers easy migration from other email clients. MS Outlook has very powerful Junk Mail feature. It has rules for incoming and outgoing both emails.

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How to Convert Thunderbird E-mail to PDF

E-mail client is an e-mail reader which is also known as mail user agent (MUA) used to configure e-mail addresses to compose, read, receive and send the e-mails through desktop interface from e-mail addresses. It is used for sending and receiving the mail from one desktop to another. Before starting the application user should set and configure the e-mail addresses. It include e-mail, password, POP3/IMAP, SMTP address, port number etc. User can retrieve the mails with the help of e-mail service provided. Mail transfer Agent (MTA) of e-mail service provider helps in delivering e-mails.

Thunderbird is a popular e-mail client. Thunderbird is used for sending and receiving the e-mails from one desktop to another with the help of e-mail service provider. The file of thunderbird saves in .eml extension. It supports add-on feature, that supports additional functionality to e-mail client. It also supports cross platform, thunderbird can run on multiple platforms whether it is Windows, Linux, Mac OS and other system that send, receive and manage e-mails.

PDF Portable Document Format is file extension for Adobe Acrobat file format. PDF file are used in the areas related to articles, flyers, or product brochures in which you can store online appearance of graphics. These are used in many ways includes printed document distribution, help desk people, as well as in developing the design of graphics.

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How to Export MBOX Files to PDF with Attachments & Batch Mode Option

MBOX Files – Email is a well-organized source to communicate among organizations for inside communication as well as outside communication. Each email client has its specific file extension to store messages. You would have heard about MBOX files. This file extension is used by many email clients like – Thunderbird, Netscape, Berkeley, Entourage, Eudora, Mac Mail, Pocomail, Turnpike etc.

All emails in MBOX format are stored as plain text in a single file and contains message as 7 – bit ASCII code and attachments are stored in Encoded format. Each email is introduced by a separation line and closed by a vacant line.

PDF Files – A file with PDF extension is a Portable Document Format file. It is used to prepare Presentation, Project Report etc. and also used in Document presentation of Software Application, Hardware Application and Operating Systems with a complete description in a fixed layout including graphics, fonts etc.

Manual MBOX to PDF Conversion is not possible

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Let’s get to know about How to Convert MSG files to PDF

MSG files – MS Outlook supports .msg extension to save emails. For getting .msg files from MS Outlook, we have to drag emails from MS Outlook and drop at any location then we will see that the file are saved in .msg extension and like this we can collect all files of MS Outlook in .msg format.

PDF File – it is also a file format and several users are using it for various purpose like – presentation, long time backup, safety and many more.

Today MS Outlook is most preferable email app for emails communications due to its advance features and default app of MS Office package. Yet the advantages of PDF files is also most suitable for users and any organizations so there are many users or companies which having requirement to Convert MSG files to PDF but Outlook does not provide export option to pdf. But we have two methods first is manual and second is MSG File Converter to PDF tool. Anyone can follow these methods to convert .msg files to .pdf without any confusion. Continue reading