How to Export Outlook Express Contacts to Outlook 2013

Today, we will talk about how to export Outlook Express Contacts to Outlook 2013 while any user has several contacts of Outlook Express.

According to today’s era, every user who is using emailing services regularly definitely has contacts to communicate with other users. No one wants to type name or email address gain & again, so users use address book that is provided by each email client to store all contacts.

Here, we are talking about Outlook Express that is launched by Microsoft Corporation. As I’ve mentioned it’s all features and emailing services in my previous posts. But in last posts, I discussed about emails and their extensions in which format these are saved. Now, I will describe about Outlook Express contacts which are saved with .wab file extension and the contact can contain images, first & last name, email address, home address, contact number etc.

Alternatively, Outlook is also discussed in my previously posted blogs which uses .pst file to store all the data files in a single file i.e. outlook.pst. Outlook is a freeware & most popular email application and can be installed on any Windows platform also launched by Microsoft. It has various versions and its latest edition is Outlook 2013.

After discussing about both of the email clients, another query is created i.e. what is the requirement to export Outlook Express Contacts to Outlook 2013? There can be any reason among discussed below: Continue reading

Get Instant Solution for Windows 10 Mail to Outlook Migration

In this blog, we’re going to talk about Windows 10 Mail & Outlook. Both are the famous & recently using email applications and both are discovered by Microsoft Corporation. Even after that, users are switching from Windows 10 Mail to Outlook, why?

If you are using Windows 10 and its email app as a home user and you have got placement in an MNC recently, where employees work on Outlook. But you are helpless to fetch your data from Windows 10 Mail to Outlook 2013 while you don’t have any idea to fetch your data. For that, you have to convert your emails but another query is generated i.e. how to convert Windows 10 mail to Outlook. Continue reading