How to Convert Windows 8 Mail to PDF


I use Windows 8 Mail in my computer. It was working fine for me but from last week it started giving me problems such as it shuts down itself when I send a mail. It is not that I use only one email client, I have Outlook also configured on my computer and now since my Windows 8 Mail is not working fine. I am looking forward to take a backup of all my Windows 8 Mail files and then convert them into PDF format. As there is no direct solution given on internet to convert Windows 8 Mail to PDF, so the user most of the times gets confused and does not know where to look.

In this post I have a solution which will successfully convert your Windows 8 Mail files to PDF. Before going straightly into the conversion step, first the user’s needs to how to backup Windows 8 Mail files to his/her hard disk and after that proceed to the next step.

How to take backup of your Windows 8 Mail files:

  • You can create a backup of Mail Accounts– Open Windows 8 Mail, and select Export mail option and then click on account. The next step is to choose the mail account of which you want to take backup. After you have selected the mail account, go and click on the Export option. You will be asked to browse the location and select any folder you want your files to get saved. If you don’t want to save it to an already created folder, you get the option to create a new folder.
  • You can take backup of all email messages– Launch Windows 8 Mail and select Export Mail option and you will see email messages option; select it and a new window would get launched and here you have to select the format in which your files would get export. Choose Windows Live Mail among the options and click on the next button. It will then ask you for the location choose your desired location and save.

Why to convert your Windows 8 mail to PDF?

PDF is a very popular format and the main advantage of using PDF is that it does not need any specific hardware and software requirements whereas Windows 8 Mail requires certain hardware and software’s to run.

PDF, due to its electronic format is popular among many government organizations and even in federal courts they have adopted to PDF files. Plus PDF is absolutely free to get from Adobe’s website. It also compresses size of the documents, trusted among everyone because of its security features, gives you an option of password protection and etc.

So, this redirects us to the last step; that if you too want to convert your Windows 8 Mail files to PDF, then you can try EML to PDF Converter. This software has various features which are listed below:

  • Converts all your files while retaining the same formatting and it also converts all your files which contain attachments.
  • EML to PDF converter also provides you with an option of batch mode which means you can convert various EML files in an instant which also focuses on other advantage that is there is NO limitation on the number of files.
  • This software smoothly runs on all versions of Windows and Adobe Reader too.

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