How to Import Windows Live Mail to Outlook 2010 64 bit?

Are you looking a way to import Windows Live Mail to Outlook 2010 64 bit? This post will explain the methods though which the user can easily convert Windows Live Mail (EML) to MS Outlook (PST). This can be only done with the help of a third party tool.

The use of email clients is on the rise for some time. It has eased the way professionals work & people communicate with each other. Email clients have become a necessity for everyone, whether it is a student or a director of a company. You might come across many email clients & often get confused. To make things easier for the user email clients can be categorized in two types; the first type is web based email clients & the second type is desktop email clients. They both have almost same features but the only difference is that you can access your emails in desktop email clients even if there is no internet connection. This is the reason why the desktop email applications have plenty of users.

The two most popular file formats which are used in email clients are: EML & PST, they are used in Windows Live Mail & MS Outlook respectively.

Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is a simple email client which makes it easy for the user to read, do tasks more easily. There are no certain problems with Windows Live Mail but the file format used in Windows Live Mail is EML. EML file format does not have a good reputation as the most secure file format. The file format EML can be easily saved from Windows Live Mail.

What is the other alternative of Windows Live Mail?

MS Outlook is the perfect alternative of Windows Live Mail. MS Outlook is much secure than Windows Live Mail. PST files which is the file format of MS Outlook cannot be opened with any other application beside MS Outlook. MS Outlook also works brilliantly with MS Exchange Server. MS Outlook also blocks the data from foreign sites. MS Outlook is able to sync with other applications such as smartphone.

What are the popular ways to Import Windows Live Mail to Outlook 2010 64 bit?

As there are many methods for the conversion process but you must need a professional method to get accurate conversion. This post will provide an exact & error free solution for the users. There are certain methods which you can use such as manual method. This method can provide free conversion of the files but is only limited to convert one file at a time which is very time consuming. The risk factor in this method is too much than the other methods. It is also not possible to get full conversion of your emails. There is also a chance of corrupting your data if proper steps are not followed.

You can also try the other methods which is using a freeware. Freeware have been present for a long time but are still not popular among the users. They are not suitable candidate for the conversion of your data because they convert for a limited time. After a period of time, they will stop getting updates due to which they won’t be able to convert data with complete accuracy. They also have hidden costs, adware, advertisements, etc. This is also not a proven method for the conversion of your data.

The third method is the most appropriate method to import Windows Live Mail to Outlook 2010 64 bit. The method is to use a third party tool for conversion. The tool will make it easy for user of every background to follow the conversion process. The tool is EML to PST Converter which offers batch mode conversion of all the EML files to PST file format. There is also an option to import unlimited number of EML files.

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