How to Convert OST Files to PDF in Simple Way

batch-ost-to-pdfI am a General Manager of an IT Company and I was handling OST file with Outlook 2010, which is very large in size. A few time ago, I needed to convert my OST file into PDF files format with all data. At early stage, I faced difficulty to achieve a solution for that but at the end I got a solution which helped me properly to know how to convert OST file to PDF.

Follow this blog where I am explaining about the conversion of the OST file to PDF.

What is OST file –

All data of Microsoft Outlook, emails, calendar, messages, task, etc. are saved on your mail server and Computer in Outlook data file format (.ost or .pst). PST is the actual storage data file of the MS Outlook while OST is being used for cached storage data file.

Usually when you use MS Exchange Server account, all your data (calendar, messages and other items) are saved on the server. Offline Outlook data file (.ost) is the data of MS Outlook, which is saved by you on your computer or server. It permits you to work offline or use cached Exchange mode when you are not connected with the Exchange Server. The OST data is synchronized with the Exchange PC when a connection is accessible.

Basically OST is an offline folder file in MS Outlook. The aptitude to work offline is helpful in environments with unreliable or limited connectivity. You can change, delete & add data between send messages and folders that are contained in your offline outbox and view the contents of your offline public folders.

What is meaning of PDF file –

The PDF, Portable Document Format is a data file format which is used to save and exchange documents in an independent manner of operating system, hardware, application software. The PDF file encapsulates a complete description of a fixed layout & flat document, including the fonts, text, graphics and other information needed to display it.

Why use PDF file –

Let’s say you generate a newsletter in MS Word & share it as a .docx file (the default file format of MS Word) for document. But if everyone had the Microsoft word installed on the computer then there’s no guarantee that they would be capable to open & view the newsletter in the same format as you want them to view it (due to different editions of MS Word used by you and the recipient) . And the word document can be edited, printed, modified by anyone.

Whereas, PDF files are predominantly meant for reading, not editing. And they are most popular because PDF files can preserve document formatting, which can be shared easily and they look the same on any place, irrespective of the operating system they are viewed on.

Reasons to switch from OST to PDF

If you want to open OST file then have need the s/w to open it while PDF has no restriction. You can easily access a PDF file anywhere. So we can surely say that PDF is universal file which is accepted for several purpose. Today we can easily see that government agencies, organizations, companies etc. want documents in PDF file format. So the requirement of the conversion of OST files to PDF occurs. And people want such solution that will help them in this situation and guide them to know about How to Convert OST file to PDF.

Solution for the conversion of OST to PDF

To convert OST files to PDF, The OST to PDF converter is reliable solution which help you to simply, safely and quickly convert OST files to PDF. Using this conversion solution, you can convert all your OST files to PDF within single round and also save all attachments as .pdf file format.


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