How to Open MBOX Folder to PDF with Attachments – Free Manual & Automated Solution

Are you having MBOX files folder and want to know about how to open MBOX folder to PDF with attachments? Then read this article; it will sort out all your troubles for exporting MBOX file mailbox to PDF.

Today, we are in digital world and everybody use mailing services for multiple purposes such as business dealing, information sharing, personal uses, etc. and it is also in demand everywhere. So, mail clients make mailing services very strong to share & manage mails and data. Mail Clients store data in a particular file format such as MBOX; today it is most popular file extension among users to manage data.

What is MBOX file format?

It is a simple text file which has the email as 7-bit ASCII text & the rest belongings are attachments, hyperlinks, images, etc. it is supported by multiple mail clients to store data – Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Entourage, Eudora, PocoMail, Postbox, Spicebird, SeaMonkey, Mailbird, Google Suite, etc. Starting of each mail point out by “From_”i.e.“From” followed by a white space character. The end of the message is indicated by with a blank line added in the end. All email messages of MBOX mailbox are stored & concatenated in a single plain text file.

What are PDF file and its importance?

PDF is the standard document file format of Adobe Reader which is available at free of cost and easily handled by anyone. PDF files support user password restriction facility to protect PDF file from unwanted access of editing, modifying, viewing, etc. Today, PDF files are used by almost users to save and represent documents. PDF means portable document format which is used in personal, commercial and governmental areas. It not only supports text documents but also support hyperlinks, formatting, metadata, images, etc. It is accessible at anywhere.

How to Open MBOX folder to PDF – Manual Trick


MBOX & PDF both are absolutely different from each other, so there is no direct option available to export emails from MBOX to PDF with attachments free process. But a manual trick can do this task easily. So if you want to know about how to open MBOX folder to PDF, then follow the given step by step procedure –

  • First of all collect all .mbox files and Install Thunderbird.
  • Then go to Thunderbird message stored location – C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\
  • Now copy all collected .mbox files and paste at the Thunderbird message stored location.
  • Now re-open Thunderbird and install Import / Export Tool Add-ons in it – (
  • After that go to Tools Menu of Thunderbird >> Import / Export Tools >> Export entire messages in folder >> PDF format.

Note – Manual trick is not a safe and exact files migration solution from MBOX to PDF with attachments free process, if any step is skipped then It may be the cause of data loss. It is not for large database migration. Sometimes, it doesn’t show exact outcome.

Automated Solution for MBOX to PDF with Attachments free trial

To surely open MBOX folder files to PDF, rely on the MBOX to PDF Converter that can easily open .mbox files into PDF. It supports batch approach to open folder of all .mbox files to PDF at once and convert attachments as PDF option to open emails & attachments of MBOX files as PDF without any change. Download free demo that helps to understand working procedure of the software. With free demo, you can export 25 emails from MBOX to PDF without any cost or charges. Therefore, just solve all your  troubles about how to open MBOX folder to PDF with attachments & images.

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