IncrediMail Export to Outlook 2013 – Know how to?

incredimailconversionnewIn this blog, I am discussing about the IncrediMail Export to Outlook 2013 experience and export contacts from IncrediMail to 2013 without missing any data.
I was using IncrediMail 2.5 in my laptop having Windows 7 Operating System, previously. As I upgraded with Windows 10 OS, I kept getting error message in my IncrediMail 2.5. This constant error resulted in my inability to work with IncrediMail and when I tried to solve this issue I got to know that IncrediMail doesn’t work in Windows 10 properly. In fact, it is not suitable for Win 10 OS. Then I decided to go with Outlook 2013 and searched solution for that which could helped me simply and safely and then I got to know more about IncrediMail, its conversion details and solution which is described below – Continue reading

How to Convert OST Files to PDF in Simple Way

batch-ost-to-pdfI am a General Manager of an IT Company and I was handling OST file with Outlook 2010, which is very large in size. A few time ago, I needed to convert my OST file into PDF files format with all data. At early stage, I faced difficulty to achieve a solution for that but at the end I got a solution which helped me properly to know how to convert OST file to PDF.

Follow this blog where I am explaining about the conversion of the OST file to PDF. Continue reading

Bulk Import MSG Files to Outlook with the help of Third Party Tool

If you are using email applications & there could be plenty of problems with your email application which can be only solved with the help of migration from one email application to another email application. The user would have to bulk import MSG files to Outlook, if you are having MS Outlook as your email client. The article will solve the problem of on how to transfer MSG files to MS Outlook.

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How to Migrate data from Thunderbird to Outlook 64 & 32 bit

thunderbird-to-outlook (2)I was using Mozilla Thunderbird in my Windows 8 operating system. Mozilla Thunderbird was working absolutely fine till I upgraded my Windows operating system to the latest Windows 10. I experienced certain problems while using Mozilla Thunderbird such as slowness, error messages, crashing, etc. I am also not able to send my mails to other users, every time I try to do so my Mozilla Thunderbird crashes. The exact query which I faced is explained below:


I am using Mozilla Thunderbird as my email program. A week ago I stopped receiving emails, no email reached my inbox. I tried many solutions and it consisted of rebooting and shutting down my pc. I even reinstalled my Mozilla Thunderbird, still I was not able to receive any email.

I disabled my antivirus and also my firewall, disabling both also did not helped either. I was also experiencing other problems such as crashing issue, Mozilla Thunderbird suddenly crashed just after the application used to launch. Before when I upgraded my Mozilla Thunderbird was working well, since I upgraded my Windows to Windows 10. The weird thing is that my friend is having same Mozilla Thunderbird and there is no problem in his Mozilla Thunderbird account, my friend is able to send any email easily and without any problem, neither does his Mozilla Thunderbird is giving any problems. Continue reading

How to Convert Windows 8 Mail to PDF


I use Windows 8 Mail in my computer. It was working fine for me but from last week it started giving me problems such as it shuts down itself when I send a mail. It is not that I use only one email client, I have Outlook also configured on my computer and now since my Windows 8 Mail is not working fine. I am looking forward to take a backup of all my Windows 8 Mail files and then convert them into PDF format. As there is no direct solution given on internet to convert Windows 8 Mail to PDF, so the user most of the times gets confused and does not know where to look.

In this post I have a solution which will successfully convert your Windows 8 Mail files to PDF. Before going straightly into the conversion step, first the user’s needs to how to backup Windows 8 Mail files to his/her hard disk and after that proceed to the next step.

How to take backup of your Windows 8 Mail files: Continue reading

How to Export MBOX Files to PDF with Attachments & Batch Mode Option

MBOX Files – Email is a well-organized source to communicate among organizations for inside communication as well as outside communication. Each email client has its specific file extension to store messages. You would have heard about MBOX files. This file extension is used by many email clients like – Thunderbird, Netscape, Berkeley, Entourage, Eudora, Mac Mail, Pocomail, Turnpike etc.

All emails in MBOX format are stored as plain text in a single file and contains message as 7 – bit ASCII code and attachments are stored in Encoded format. Each email is introduced by a separation line and closed by a vacant line.

PDF Files – A file with PDF extension is a Portable Document Format file. It is used to prepare Presentation, Project Report etc. and also used in Document presentation of Software Application, Hardware Application and Operating Systems with a complete description in a fixed layout including graphics, fonts etc.

Manual MBOX to PDF Conversion is not possible

If you are using MBOX supported email client and now you want to save your emails in PDF format. But no MBOX supported email client doesn’t supply any option to Export MBOX to PDF. To do this task successfully with safety and security, you have to take help of any third party tool. Continue reading

Let’s get to know about How to Convert MSG files to PDF

MSG files – MS Outlook supports .msg extension to save emails. For getting .msg files from MS Outlook, we have to drag emails from MS Outlook and drop at any location then we will see that the file are saved in .msg extension and like this we can collect all files of MS Outlook in .msg format.

PDF File – it is also a file format and several users are using it for various purpose like – presentation, long time backup, safety and many more.

Today MS Outlook is most preferable email app for emails communications due to its advance features and default app of MS Office package. Yet the advantages of PDF files is also most suitable for users and any organizations so there are many users or companies which having requirement to Convert MSG files to PDF but Outlook does not provide export option to pdf. But we have two methods first is manual and second is MSG File Converter to PDF tool. Anyone can follow these methods to convert .msg files to .pdf without any confusion. Continue reading