How to Migrate data from Thunderbird to Outlook 64 & 32 bit

thunderbird-to-outlook (2)I was using Mozilla Thunderbird in my Windows 8 operating system. Mozilla Thunderbird was working absolutely fine till I upgraded my Windows operating system to the latest Windows 10. I experienced certain problems while using Mozilla Thunderbird such as slowness, error messages, crashing, etc. I am also not able to send my mails to other users, every time I try to do so my Mozilla Thunderbird crashes. The exact query which I faced is explained below:


I am using Mozilla Thunderbird as my email program. A week ago I stopped receiving emails, no email reached my inbox. I tried many solutions and it consisted of rebooting and shutting down my pc. I even reinstalled my Mozilla Thunderbird, still I was not able to receive any email.

I disabled my antivirus and also my firewall, disabling both also did not helped either. I was also experiencing other problems such as crashing issue, Mozilla Thunderbird suddenly crashed just after the application used to launch. Before when I upgraded my Mozilla Thunderbird was working well, since I upgraded my Windows to Windows 10. The weird thing is that my friend is having same Mozilla Thunderbird and there is no problem in his Mozilla Thunderbird account, my friend is able to send any email easily and without any problem, neither does his Mozilla Thunderbird is giving any problems. Continue reading